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    Unanswered: help me with these PHP problems

    hey guys, can you help me regarding these problems.. actually these are only php problems given to us by our teacher that i wasn't to solve... that is why im asking your help..

    1.Create a keyword based bookmarking system to easily access all your favorite web sites. Create a redirector script that receives a specific keyword and redirects the browser to an appropriate site.
    Keyword Redirect to:
    Add your own bookmarks…

    2.For example, if I use the following URL: http://localhost/php/go.php4?keyword=news, I jump straight to CNN.

    can you help me make a code of that problems??
    please... i need help...

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    Wellll... as this is an assigned project you can't expect anyone to give you the answer direct. Shouldn't you search and finding the answer on your own or ask your professor for direction. With that said I previously posted a reply in July to answer a question for someone else about a redirect script. It looks like a number of posts are missing from this forum now? Anyway for that question I found an example that you may find useful. Take a look at this script. Search Engin Redirect Script on Weberdev This uses redirects and a form to send values to the script. Mostly what you'll need for said project. Of course you'll need to modify this to match your requirements... And it's an older script that needs modifications to work on PHP4 or 5.

    There are multiple ready made script examples posted on sites to do what you want so you should have no problem finding examples that will help you. You just need to use a search engin and experiment to get the answers.


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