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    Question Unanswered: disabling/enabling controls on specific records

    I have a form where there are some textbox controls disabled in some records. So, I use OnCurrent event to control enable/disable. However, the disable/enable rule follows the first record configuration, so does not change as move through the record. Does anyone know how to get around this problem ?

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    Every time you change to a different record (using the Navigation buttons) the OnCurrent event is fired as it is when the Form is first loaded.

    Enabling and disabling of TextBoxes should work fine within the OnCurrent event. Check your conditional statements.

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    You can put enable/disable commands in any text box's AfterUpdate event. Also, for scrolling records, I think you can have the form's OnCurrent event read those text boxes before deciding to enable or disable them.

    Don't get confused between the text box's event and the form's event.


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