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    Unanswered: Btrieve Status 20 with Terminal server user

    I am trying to run an application using Pervasive 2000i on a Windows 2000 terminal server. When logged in as administrator or server operator, the application will run with no problem. If you log in as a domain user, you get a

    "Native Message : Btrieve Status 20 - The MicroKernel or Btrieve Requester is inactive.DBIERR_NOTINITIALIZED
    Possible Cause :
    No Pervasive Database Driver installed."

    What Btrieve file does the users need rights to to be able to run the application?
    I gave the users full rights to the PVSW and system32 directory, but this has not helped.


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    Sounds like that is coming from the application. Do any of the Pervasive tools work correctly? Is this the P.SQL workgroup engine or client? Everything the application needs is in the PVSW\BIN directory (and possibly the SYSTEM/SYSTEM32 directory).
    A status 20 from PSQL 2000 indicates old components. Make sure that when logged in as a domain user that PVSW\BIN is in the system path and that there aren't any old versions of Btrieve being found.
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