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Thread: w3mif145.dll

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    Unanswered: w3mif145.dll

    Anyone know what this component does? Some of our customers seem to get the occasional error when running a Crystal report (especially if they export the report to PDF). What they get is:

    "<Application> has encountered a problem and needs to close"

    then they click on the "click here for more info" and get

    "Error signature...
    AppName: application.exe ModName: w3mif145.dll
    ModVer Offset: 00006808"

    It's only when they run a Crystal report (written in Crystal 10).


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    W3MIFxxx.DLL is the Win32 Pervasive Microkernel Interface DLL. It's used indirectly by Btrieve application to communicate with the Btrieve engine. Looking at the version (, you are running the original version of P.SQL V8. You should update to P.SQL v8.7. There have been 4 updates to the 8.x engine.
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    Wonderful, thank you very much

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