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    Unanswered: MySQL connection to Oracle

    We're looking at a product that uses MYSQL to monitor our network systems (our current product uses SQL Server). Each month, information for an executive report, is combined from several different sources (SQL Server, DB2 and Oracle) into one Oracle database which is then queried by our reporting system. We use DTS to push data from SQL Server and all of our DB2 data is brought over via Data Mirror. I was wondering what would be the best (and cheapest) method to get data from MySQL into Oracle. This would need to be automated. I was thinking a shell script that dumps the data out of MySQL and then uses SQL*Loader to get the data into Oracle.

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    There is an option to mysqldump that allows you to dump the data out in "Oracle" format (which basically means the syntax of the DDL will be correct for Oracle). mysqldump --help for options.

    Otherwise, get to know Perl.

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