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    Unanswered: I need some help from the pros...or anyone more knowledgeable than me (aka everyone)

    Hi all, I could really use some help from those more expert than I. I work with children on a behavioral unit, and we have a form that we use to track behaviors. There can be anywhere from 1-21 targets for each child, and then a need for 15 additional fields to track the scores (twice daily) and the current baseline.The issue is that the tables apparently can't hold more than 144 fields and I have a need for the ability to have a maximum of 338 fields. I currently have 2 tables, however this is also proving to be a bit problematic. Can anyone suggest anything better....or does anyone know if there IS anything to be done about this. Also, why do they have a limit on table size, and why 144? Grr...
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    Access has a limit of 255 columns ... Traditionally, you'd create a table for your targets keyed to each child (childID perhaps?) allowing for the flexibility to have varying # of targets ... you can do the same for the scores by tying to the child AND Date AND session (1st or 2nd) ... Basically, what I've said is that you need to design your database appropriately.
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    Why not Go down


    ChildID is link to the Child table
    Sdate has a default value of Now()
    Score is the score Value

    Then desgin a Form with a ubound combo box List the Children

    then Create a Sub form and Bound (link master/child Form) to that combo box
    combobox to childID Know when the the combo box is change to Child form(link form )

    when the combo changes the subform will change to match the combo box
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    hope this help

    See clear as mud

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    Currently I do the following...

    MedicalRecordNumber, AdmissionNumber (linked to Child's Demographics)
    TargetOneTuePM.....repeating until SundayPM
    TargetTwoMonPM.....I'm thinking you've got the point.

    I need to be able to track the scores for each target twice per day, for one full week Mon-Sun. M.Owen, what would be a better way to design the table structures? I genuinely appreciate the help.

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    Three tables:
    1. child info
    2. behaviors tracked by child
    3. results of behaviors for each child

    Diagram attached.

    Entering results on a daily basis:
    For the main form, make a totals query that groups by child name then date/time of results. Have a combo with the child's names on this form. Select a child's name and the form filters to show the date/times there is information.
    Make a subform that is based on the child's name and the date/time on the main form and shows the behaviors and the reults
    Put a command button that allows you to enter a new set of records (a new date/time value) that copies the set of behaviors from a "base table" to the results table.

    Setting up the behaviors for each child
    A simple data entry form in which you select a child and enter each behavior you want to track.

    This allows you 1 to Many behaviors that you can track for each child over time.

    For the reports, simply group by the child, then the date/time, to display results over time.

    There are about 500 ways to take what I suggested above and make it better - this is a detailed concept that defines a direction you could go in.

    Good luck
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    have fun!

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