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    Arrow Unanswered: how to change a path name

    Does anyone know how to change the name of the path? For example, I started saving my db on this computer, then I ended up saving it to a thumb drive for most of the creating of the db. Now it is trying to open from the thumb drive file,"F:", even when I don't have it plugged in and am using the hard drive on this computer. I need it to come from the computer's hard drive, "S:".
    Does anyone know how to change this.................please help!!

    Thanks for any advice in advance!


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    Are you opening the file by selecting it from the recent files list? If so, use File/Open instead and navigate to the proper location.

    If you have linked tables that are looking for the thumb drive - that is a different situation. Unless there is a lot of tables, the simplest thing to do is to remove the linked tables and then relink to the correct ones.
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