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    Unanswered: Problem with Backup Scripts

    Hi all,
    We are facing with an issue in our backup that runs overnight by a script. The problem is that since the backup file is a big one it is conventional that it prompts with a alert message either to continue(c) abort or terminate(t). It is a batch job and there is no user intervention. So it ends up abruptly showing error with reason code 4. Can anyone guide me if something could be done to resolve this. Is there by anymeans we can append some commands to the script so that it takes up the option c by default. Else is there by some other means we can make it successful.

    Any useful suggestions are highly appreciated.


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    Are you compressing the backup? This is what I do:
    db2 backup database <dbname> user <uname> using <upasswd> to /some directory/ compress

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    You can use the compress option within the backup command starting with 8.1.4.

    You can also try the "without prompting" option at the end of the db2 backup command, assuming that the prompt is from DB2. See the Command Reference Manual for details.
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