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    Unanswered: Runtime error 3027 Cannot update Database or Object is Read only


    I'm having trouble with my database (MS Access 2000). I'm trying to export a file into a text file by clicking on a button. Below is the code. Where the code is in bold that is when the runtime error happens.

    If i export the code manually by right click on the query > Export then this works, but for some reason by clicking on the button will not work.

    Private Sub cmdExport_Click()
    Dim sExportFilePath As String
    sExportFilePath = DLookup("[DateExportLocation]", "tblSettings", "[ID]=1") ' Path if file to be exported
    DoCmd.OpenQuery "qryUpDateTransmissionDateAndTime", acViewNormal, acEdit ' Update dates time
    DoCmd.TransferText acExportDelim, "ExportFile", "qryExportFile", sExportFilePath
    End Sub

    I appreciate your help

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    I was having this problem myself with the transfertext method and getting the same error. you might want to see my solution from this week.
    Basically I was trying to use transfertext into a file that did not have a .txt extenson. It doesn't allow that. I had to use the fso methods to rename the file after it had been exported.

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    Not sure if this might help but you can look at the code in the attachment and change the importing to exporting.
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