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    Unanswered: Trouble opening an excel file

    I am having a problem with Excel for Mac. I have a spreadsheet that I have been using for ages and use regularly and now for reasons which I can't explain, it doesn't open properly. Its pretty strange...
    If I double click on the file in the finder it launches the file then a warning window opos up and says "File not loaded completely". I hit 'OK' and the file opens but the cells are full of squares and weird objects.
    Now if I close it, then in excel go File->Open then select the same file, it launches and the Text Import Wizard opens and i need to click through that to open the spreadsheet and again, its all weird.
    I fear the file is corrupted, but i thought i might try here first to see if anyone knows what might be up...
    Any help will be greatly appreciated

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    Howdy, and welcome ot the board. I use a Mac at home. Couple of questions:

    What system do you have?

    What version of XL?

    Have you updated with all the latest patches from MS for your version of XL?

    I use XL 2004 on OS 10.3.9 and have never had a problem. But it sounds like your file might corrupted. If so, here are a couple of links that might help:

    J. McGimpsey

    Jim Gordon

    Both are Microsoft MVPs for the Mac Office.
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