I'm trying to migrate web-based calls to Crystal to a new server, and I've run into an odd issue. The two environments, old and new, seem identical. The ASP script calling Crystal has been checked for correct paths, datasource definitions, etc.

I can open a report in Designer on the new server, refresh the data, and export it to a PDF with no problem.

But when the same report is called from the Web page, a zero-length PDF file seems to be created -- and it is not being released by Crystal. I get a message that the file "is being used by another process." This message occurs whether I access the file locally in Acrobat Reader, or via the ASP web call. So it seems as if Crystal can't create the file properly, but won't let go of it, either. The original report file is not open in Designer; in fact, Designer isn't open at all, so that isn't the issue.

Has anyone seen anything similar to this, or can anyone point me to a possible starting point for troubleshooting?

Thanks in advance,

Tom McNeer