Hi all,

I was wondering is it possible for a random selection to be assigned a random value?

I am currently selecting a random group of employees. I now need them to receive a random test.

This is what I have:
SELECT TOP 6 tblConsortium.ContactID, tblConsortium.RandomID, patients.LastName & ", " & Patients.Firstname AS [Employee Name], Contacts.Company AS [Company Name]
FROM patients INNER JOIN (Contacts INNER JOIN tblConsortium ON Contacts.ContactID=tblConsortium.ContactID) ON patients.PatientID=tblConsortium.PatientID
WHERE (((tblConsortium.ContactID) In (SELECT ContactID FROM tblConsortium GROUP BY ContactID HAVING Count(*) <15))) And (((tblConsortium.PatientID)=Randomizer())=0)
ORDER BY Rnd(IsNull(tblConsortium.patientID)*0+1);

This selects the top-6 from all companies with less than 15 (total) Employees. I need to randomly select a [Test] for these 6 employees. The test include “Drug Screen”, “Alcohol”, or “Drug Screen & Alcohol”
Any help would be greatly appreciated.