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    Question Unanswered: Migration from COBOL400 to SQL Server

    I want to migrate from COBOL400/AS400 to MS SQL Server, can any body tell me the way I can perform Data migration/Transfer without any loss of data
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    I'd be willing to bet that given enough of a description of what you want to do, that someone can tell you a relatively easy way to do it. So far, you haven't given enough information for me to even start.


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    1. Analyze the data in the old system.
    2. Analyze the business requirements for usage of the data.
    3. Analyze shortcomings in current data and structure.
    4. Model a relational database(s) that accurately reflects and provides for 1,2,3.
    5. In parallel to 4, you will probably need to create new apps or perform development to interface with new model and accurately reflect business needs.
    6. Create a migration routine (preferrably repeatable and modular) to move data between systems.
    7. Pray if you're into that type of thing. Do this a LOT.
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