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    Unanswered: sybase stops responding

    The sybase server version 12.0 running on solaris 2.7 / 2.8 systems, sometimes stops responding to submitted queries or responds very very slowly. The following is a snapshot of one such application waiting for response from sybase server.

    f018044 poll (ffbef1d8, 1, ffffffff)
    fef5b444 poll (6a754, ffbef1d8, ffffffff, c00, 0, 76708) + 34
    ff22d060 netp_read_sync (64bd8, 76858, 64db8, 76968, 76700, 76708) + 1d8
    ff225b64 syb_net_read (64bd8, 64db8, 7673c, 76700, 76708, ff352230) + 26c
    ff3521f0 np__io_fillbuf (759c8, 766c8, 776ac, 1, 77698, fc9) + 60
    ff35fef0 ct__tds_readall (759c8, 757f8, 7a9e8, 1, ffbef36c, fffe7961) + 100
    ff35c788 ct__tds_resproc (759c8, 757f8, 7a9e8, 1, 2, 1a) + 1b0
    ff31c6dc ct__api_async (757f8, 7a9e8, ff340ee0, 26, 1, ffbef4c6) + 16c
    ff3410e0 ct_results (1, 73eb8, 7cfde, fffe7961, 0, 0) + 188
    0002024c _DBGetNoOfRecceReports (7cfa8, 75618, 0, 0, 0, ff035e10) + 2bbc
    00020c1c DBGetNoOfRecceReports (7cfa8, 75618, 10b9cf5, ffbef98e, ff3e7004, 4e90

    what can be the probable cause?

    I have tried to increase the size of catche and of tempdb also, without any result. while above call hangs, many other queries submitted at the same time get responded, even though slowly. The problem is not for a specific query. Generally, query without any clause is running fine during the same time. the output of sp_who shows the process as 'runnable' and it never turns to 'running'.

    How can sybase server come out this deadlock kind of situation?

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    That's a stack trace in the errorlog, but the very beginning of the stack trace is missing, and the end as well. Do you have other errors messages that occur before the stack trace ? Can you show us the beginning of the stack trace ? Seems there is a lot of network function displayed in the stack trace.

    I know as well there are specific SUN SOLARIS patches to install to run sybase 12.0 safely, depends of your environment and the kind of issue you have, but maybe it is not necessary,might be possible to upgrade your sybase open client, need more infos.
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    check out

    also such issues are best handled via Sybase Tech Support.

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