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    Lightbulb Unanswered: Querry About Sales Commisions

    Hi There
    I Need A Querry For Commission Sales.
    I Have 10 Items 7 Items At 2% Of Commission 3 At 4%. Each Salesman Have To reach A Min Of 5000 USD Of Sales Per Month Then All Sales Above That Amount Commission Will Be Calculated.
    I Need A Querry To Calculate Sales And If Salesman reached The Min Sales, Commission Is Calculated .

    Any Help ???????

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    Hi Wahoud
    Im assuming (as always) that you are experienced at basic level (its better that way)

    Firt of all you need to query the sales by product (the USD) and repot all sales >5000. Then in a small calculation - usually in a report but it can be a form as well set a simple text box that uses the calculation between the floor limit of 5000 and the actual sale, a simple 5000 - sales amount = commission level.

    the resulting answer can then be used as the calculation of 4% of commision level. This will of course change continually as the sales increase.

    If you need ( and i'm sure you will) to calculate the sales/commission between dates set the query to look for the sales persons name then a quick BETWEEN [date from] AND [date to]
    it should quickly do the job and take about 20 minutes to put together

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    Hi garethfx
    Thank You For Your Reply, I Think I Will Try You Idea.

    Thank You Again And Regards

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