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    Unanswered: multiple records appended into a single record on another table

    Is it possible to use a query/code to append multiple records from one table into a single record on another table.

    I am using 'option buttons' on a form to let people select up to 3 items that they want included as part of a whole.
    What I want and don't know how (or if it is possible) is to then add these selections to another table, as a several entry seperated by commas, so that they can be printed out as one entire selection choice rather than 3 seperate choices..

    any help would be appreciated.

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    Depending on the practical application of your question, you may be better off setting up a couple tables to hold your values. I like this method for temporarily storing preferences or selections.

    First create a table for "sessions" or whatever you want to call your group of preferences. Then create a table for "session_details" (again, the name is arbitrary). when you're user is about to make some selections, create an entry in sessions to obtain a key. Then apped each selection into you're session_details table along with the key generated by "sessions". You can then play with the data in a much greater variety of ways.

    Alternately, if there is only one user at a time, a simple yes/no bit hooked up to whatever table you're dealing with would work just fine.
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    Thanks... I hadn't thought of the different tables approach.. That's why it is sometimes better to ask someone, to give an obvious and sometimes simple solution..

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