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    Unanswered: Import text file into Ms Access Table

    Hi everyone,
    I need to be able to read the following sample text file and extract data from three columns (Id / x-coord /y-coord) in every other line beginning from row#6 and place them in a dbf file. The file is tab delimited.


    Flag Id x-coord y-coord progress
    green A 1000 1000 good
    var 1.3
    green B 2000 2000 excellent
    var 1.2
    red C 3000 3000 poor
    var 9.2

    Can someone give some direction to solve this. I am quite new to Ms Access.
    Thanks in advance!

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    I'm not sure if this will assist you or not but never the less, here it is. The provided sample takes a text file as you described (tab delimited or whatever) and places the contents of that file into either a new database table or appends the data to an exisiting table of the same field count.

    The sample acts as a Import dialog window allowing you to select the delimiter type, the delimited file, The table name to create or append to (with Auto Name Generation), Create Fields line, Start Line, Read Lines, Skip Lines, and Ignore Lines.

    A Tab Delimited text file is provided with this sample which is based from the file description you supplied. Simply modify the code to suite your needs if you like.

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