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    Unanswered: Connection objects are not available in DTS Designer

    Problem Description: The following error is popping up and not allowing opening or running any of the DTS packages. Connection objects are not available in DTS Designer.

    "Error in the DLL"
    "Need to run the object to perform this operation"

    We have reinstalled the MS SQL Server 2000 Standard Edition with Service pack 3 and MSO3031 hot fix. Still the issue continues.
    Operating System:Windows 2000

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    You really should open up an MS ticket for this. It's $250. They don't charge you if it's actually their issue. Are there any other errors in the application, system, or SQL Server error logs?
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    This seems to be related to MDAC issue. Latest MDAC 2.8 was resolved the problem but it is not clear why the MDAC 2.7 was created the problem.

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