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    Question Unanswered: send email or reminder automatically


    In my MS access database I have fields due_date, status, Analyst. And I want to generate a reminder message automatically in outlook to everybody OR email automatically and should start giving reminders 5 days prior to the due_date to each one of the analyst for whom projects are still due?. And it should remind everyday the projects which are due, first thing in the morning when one opens up his/her outlook, untill its done (untill status field='complete'). Everybody has different dates for different projects therefore it should send reminder to everyone in the Analyst field for whom projects are still due?

    I would appreicate your help.

    Thank you so much!

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    the most effective way is to send an email is via the relevant API. If you use outlook then its a breeze - add the reference to the outlook library (in a vb code window Tools | references - search for microsoft outlook object library)
    you can use this mechanism to bioth send and filter relevant emails.
    you can scan through the incoming emails looking for specific events.
    You may need to change your table design to record when you sent the email, and when a follow up is due.

    As a suggestion automated processes are probably best done using a batch (overnight) process, providing your network trolls allow you to run a scheduled event when their netweork is doing really important things as opposed being frittered away on users. The windowes scheduler is very effective in this. You will need to write soem macros and dunctions to call the relvant processes.

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    I am after the same process, I was wondering whether you had any response or joy to your query.
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