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    Question Unanswered: Acrobat in access

    I need to print an access report in Acrobat, how could I send an Intro in the active window of "Save PDF file As" in a Macro or in a VB Module to make an automatic acrobat name file?

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    assuming that you have acrobat writer, or some other means of creating the PDF already sorted out.

    if you set the reports caption at runtime then you can generate a unique filename as the default suggestion to the user.

    Generally I use the reportname and a time stamp
    Me.Caption = Me.Name & "_" & Format(Now(), "yyyy-mmm-dd")
    in the forms on open event

    you could extend this using other code (eg userid pulled from an API call to retrieve the network users logon). It may be appropriate to include the reports parameters or the seconds / part seconds when the report was generated.

    This suggestion doesnt get round the problem of automatically saving the file without user intervention - but its worked so far on all sites I've used it on. It helps that the users base tends to be idle and can't be bothered to type in their own filenames.


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