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    Unanswered: Help with SQL Distinct

    Hey all,

    I am querying a student activity table and I want to know the total count for student athletes grouped by sport. The catch is a student can appear in the table more than once. In other words, I want a unique count for each sport.

    I'm using distinct but I'm not sure how to get the count and the description of the sport together. Here's my code:

    select count(distinct sta_key_number), sta_school_activity
    sta_school ='20'
    group by sta_school_activity

    this gives me the count for the duplicates

    556 Cross Country/Track-Mens
    3 ASI Student Government
    1 ASI Cabinet
    1 Athletic Board
    157 Cross Country/Track-Womens
    4 Badminton-Men
    1 Badminton-Women
    466 Baseball
    313 Basketball-Men
    150 Basketball-Women
    28 Cheerleading
    731 Football
    19 Golf
    140 Gymnastics
    225 Soccer-Men
    225 Soccer-Women
    103 Softball
    33 Surfing Club
    200 Swimming-Men
    66 Swimming-Women
    193 Tennis-Men
    77 Tennis-Women
    102 Volleyball
    76 Water Polo
    45 Wrestling
    117 Yacht

    when I do the count without the description, it's more acurate: 3573

    is this possible?

    Thanks for you help!

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    >In other words, I want a unique count for each sport.

    That's nice. I want an income of $1,000,000 per year.

    Please define better "a unique count for each sport."

    If a student participates in more than 1 sport,
    what is the decision criteria for which sport get his/her count?
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