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    Unanswered: Book suggestions on T-SQL

    Hi All,
    I am new to SQL Server but have been doing database programming since last 3 years. I recently attended MOC (Microsfot Official Curriculum) training on SQL Server and have started to use at my company. I am comfortable with SQL but want to dig deeper into T-SQL side. I searched on the Internet but not many good books available in that either they are ranked very low or are very old i.e. written around 1999/2000 or covers SQL Server 2000 as a whole. Can anybody suggest me any T-SQL book which was written recently and focuses purely or majorly on T-SQL?

    Thanks to all for your time and advice in advance.


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    Ken Henderson. Some of the stuff is from the Guru's Guide to Transact SQL is a little dated but you will learn a lot. He has 2 books after that one I have been meaning to get to that are a little more up to date and I have heard are quite excellant.
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    Thanks guys for the suggestions. Ken Henderson's books
    1. Guru's Guide to T-SQL
    2. Guru's guide to Stored Procedures, XML, HTML

    seem to be good. Book 2 is slightly newer than book 1, but seem to have good material coverage. I also went through amazon reviews and TOC and overall the book seems good. As Thrasymachus pointed out, Book 1 is a bit out of date, but seems to be a good starting point.

    Once again, thanks for your tips.


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