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    Unanswered: How to start the OEM config assistant

    Hi all,

    I have a bunch of oracle dbs (9i) running on Unix on a sun box. I want to set up OEM with management server, so that I can schedule and tune indexes etc. I have read up and it seems that I just need to start the configuration assistant and it will run me through the process. However if I type 'emca' from my command line in Unix it just hangs, and does nothing. I've tried 'dbca' (don't know what this does but it was suggested to me) and this also hangs. I have enterprise edition of Oracle.

    Can anyone suggest what I should do about this? Am I missing something? Someone mentioned having to have 'x windows' but I don't know what this is.

    Please please help.

    Many thanks,

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    If you are able to use your mouse to get around on a GUI then you likely have an X-Windows environment set up... if are only able to get around using keyboard commands, it is possible that you are not running X-Windows, which is required for Oracle to install OEM.
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