I have a networked MSAccess 2003 SP1 program linking to SQL Server SP4, that very occasionaly freezes on viewing a form bound to a query which is the result of a view in SQL. The query always works in SQL, even when there is a problem viewing it in Access. I have looked into the memory leakage problem with SQL Server ODBC driver (sorted in SP3a - so sorted in SP4).

The query on the form is a query designed around the linked ODBC view from SQL. This form query has criteria set for 2 fields (to filter off controls on the form).

I have various methods set up in the program to filter forms based on pass through's queries (to stored procedures) and also similar methods to the problem mentioned here (filtering SQL view in Access based on form controls), but it is only one part of the program that freezes now and again.

Has anybody experienced any problems like this / or anybody know of a workaround?