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    Unanswered: Code page issues

    AIX 5.2
    udb v8.1 fp6a

    Hi All,

    I created the database by mistake in default code page..This database needs UTF-8 code..I know the database need to be dropped and recreated..I need to keep the data and coverted it to utf-8

    what are my options now?

    how do I keep the data?

    There is an option in export to convert the data to required codepage while exporting

    db2 'export to 1.ixf of ixf modfied by codepage=1208 select * from tablename'

    this is working for tables without do I handle lobs in this case?

    db2 'export to 1.ixf of ixf lobs to /lobdir lobfile lobs1 modified by lobsinfile modfied by codepage=1208 select * from tablename'

    is not there any syntax error with my statement?

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    on solaris we had to set the LANG setting
    export LANG=en_US.UTF-8
    this was related to the locale setting
    when using export with ixf we also had problems with lobs not correctly exported
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    If you LOBs are less than 32K, then they will be included in the IXF file if you don't specify a separate LOB file on export. Anything over 32K will be truncated.
    M. A. Feldman
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    Thanks for the replies..I tried every option suggested by IBM

    1. Set DB2CODEPAGE=1208 and use db2move export & import (or load)

    Problems: Data got truncated in most of the tables during export. This casued constraint violations during the import. Lobs & data in some coulumns also got truncated

    2. without db2codepage reg variable, use db2move export & then use iconv to convert the data..this also gave the same problems during import

    luckily , the application is still in development we are thinking to cleanup the portal & re-install it

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