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    Question Unanswered: Appending Record

    How would I go about setting up code to add a record from one table to another table? I have a form that is used to enter in scores for different tasks, some of those tasks need to be tracked daily. I have another table for only those tasks which are scored daily. I also have a yes/no field to indicate which tasks should be added to the daily table. Is there a way to add those tasks with a "yes" check to the daily scores table, without having to open the daily scores form? I'm sure there is, I just can't think of what it is.

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    See the SQL Insert Into statement. This is a quick way to add a specific record to a table..
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    DoCmd.RunSQL "INSERT INTO tablename SELECT fieldname(s) FROM tablename"

    If you want to set conditions, you can also use the WHERE clause, in your case WHERE [Field]=Y.

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    I have a question similar to this.

    I have a Select query that list records based on the criteria [Enter ItemID]. I created a form using this query. When the form opens it prompts the user for to enter ItemID. What I want to do is to insert a code in the "On Change" procedure of the ItemID field in the Form. When the user change any character on the ItemID. The code should create a copy of the updated record and put it on a different table. How do I do this?

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