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Thread: Strange Error

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    Unanswered: Strange Error

    The error that I am getting is:

    Runtime Error '40036':
    Method 'Item' of object 'Forms' failed.

    Which is being thrown by this line:

    Forms("Equipment_SignOut_2").edt_EmpID = "204536"

    Basically, this error is thrown whenever I try to access a form other than the current one.

    The strange part is that this code was working previously, and I cannot think of anything that I have done to cause this error. Furthermore, it is only happening in this one form -- other forms in the same database are working fine.
    Net-searches indicate that this error is somewhat random, and some people have gotten rid of it simply by restarting Access... I am not so lucky.

    Any help is most appreciated.

    Pete Lloyd

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    Sounds like corruption in the VBA project. Try decompiling:

    Alternatively try importing everything into a new database.

    Wayne Phillips

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    Thanks Wayne, decompiling worked like a charm


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