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    I am getting an error on a subform in my main data entry form - run time error 432 - object doesn't support property or method. It occurs when I enter a new record in the main form and attempt to add a course in a combo box in the subform that contains course details.

    If I run the debugger I get

    Private Sub Form_AfterInsert()
    End Sub

    flagged and if I select end I can enter data ok.

    Sometimes it flags BASE or whatever field I leave to go to the subform.

    Thomas J Marshall

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    When you have a subform, Access automatically adds the related field(s) into the subform when the main form is saved. Therefore once the course number and/or name, or whatever other fields are related in the subform, have been saved, the subform already contains the data and you can't add them into the subform.

    In order to ensure that the data are saved in the main form, you can tell the status by looking at the left side of the form. If the top of that left panel looks like a pencil writing, that's the "dirty" sign - data must be saved. If you click anywhere in that panel, the icon changes to a sideways triangle, and is the sign that you saved your data. See the OnDirty event in the Help file for details.


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