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    Angry Unanswered: MSSQL 2000 SP4 Memory Leak

    Greetings all!

    On one of our intranet SQL servers running under Windows 2000 SP 3,
    MSsql 2000 SP4 seems to gradually "eat" away all available memory (with no obvious reason for it) until a certain limit is reached, forcing the server to slow down substantially since the OS has to SWAP continuously.

    I would appreciate any suggestions at this point on how to tackle this problem

    Thank you!

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    That is the nature of SQL Server. By default, it will continue to claim available memory that is not being used by applications. It's not a memory leak. Most of this memory is used for data cache, which greatly improves performance. You want SQL Server to have plenty of memory. But you can limit this amout if you view the server properties in enterprise manager.


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    on the wrong server
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    if you can afford it, you should have your web and database servers on different machines. I believe you can limit the amount memory sql server consums with the max server memory option in sp_configure but I have never used it
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