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    Question Unanswered: Web Data Access of MySql


    Iīm new to the database world, so any advice will be welcome. I have a MySql database running on a red hat linux server and I want to create a web page for a intranet where I work, that has access to this info and that can also serve as an interface for putting new information on the database, with a friendly, professional presentation.

    What is my best bet of software to achieve this goal???

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    probably PHP | @rudydotca
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    As Rudy and MySQL AB said PHP, Perl and Python are very good choices. MySQL can work properly with C also (It has a seperate C API). and it has connctor/J for Java and connector/Net for .Net. You should choose your proggramming language base on needs of the application you want to create.
    You can use JDBC driver of MySQL also.


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