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    Unanswered: Running SQL Server at Home

    Hi All,

    I'm trying to run a copy of Enterprise Manager at home. I have a small wireless network and would like to install it on either one machine (stand-alone) or run it on my network.

    The machine it is installed on is running Windows 2000 and the remote machine is running Windows XP Home <<< not sure if SQL Server will run on this.

    I tried installing it previously as stand-alone on the Win2K machine, but kept getting a "Server not found or access denied" message whenever I tried to register or connect.

    Any ideas on how best to set it up at home would be greatly appreciated.


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    Create an entry for your sqlserver in hosts (or lmhosts) file. This should help with name/ip resolution. Also, it might be better to setup sqlserver in mixed mode (i.e. allow sql authentication).

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    I hope you installed the SQL Server and not the client components alone. Probably, you accepted default values. When you register you can use one of the following: a dot (.), or (local) - including parenthesis - or your workstation computer name. All these are valid in a standalone computer.

    Please check your registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Microsoft\MSSQLSERVER\SUPERSOCK ETNETLIB\NP and if the value is like \\.\pipe\sql\query then probably you accepted default value for Named Pipe as well as the instance. If you have decided to install this as an instance then you may see like \\.\pipe\<instance_name>\sql\query then probably you installed as a server.
    Also under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Microsoft\MSSQLSERVER\SUPERSOCK ETNETLIB\TCP, you can determine the port number. If it is 1433 then you used default port.

    Please make sure that MSSQLServer Service is running. You can check this through the Services.msc. If you do not see MSSQLServer Service then you have installed the client components only and install the server components. Start SQL Query Analyzer and enter any of the following:

    Assumption: Your computer name is PRECAMBRIAN

    1) .
    2) (local)
    4) PRECAMBRIAN,1433 (or whatever port number is)
    5) PRECAMBRIAN\InstanceName

    Enter your SA account's password and you should be able to connect.

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