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    Unanswered: Auto-Generate email from Oracle DB

    OK, here's the situation.
    I've been using Crystal Reports with an Oracle database. The database
    stores info on projects here at my company. One of the reports I do brings
    up projects that are running late, then I email anyone who has projects
    falling behind their scheduled completion dates.

    Is there some way to automate, even just partially, this process?
    I know you can make Macros for Outlook that will automatically write
    emails/ fill in template emails, but is there any way to interface this
    with Crystal reports? Or maybe get a report into Excel, then let the macro
    take over. Or, is there some other way altogether to do this?

    Its seems crazy to me that there'd be no way to do this, as I'd think auto
    generating emails from a database is a pretty standard thing to want to

    Any help hugely appreciated. If there is a good article on this somewhere, or it has been covered in another post, please let me know (I did search the forums, but couldn't find what I was looking for).

    I am using Windows XP, and the software I have at my disposal is All of MS Office, and Crystal Reports. I also have what I'll call a very good understanding of VBA, mostly through Excel but also through Word and Outlook to a lesser extent. So, if there is some VBA-based solution, I should be able to understand it reasonably well.

    Thanks for reading such a long post.


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    You can use the utl_smtp package to email from the database directly, just goto asktom and do a search for emails there.


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    I take it that means
    I went there, and couldn't really find my way around. Do you have a more precise link you can give me?

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    492 - Here is a link for email - you may have to wade through them, but he has good ideas.
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