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    Unanswered: Best way to load data

    I was wondering what the fastest way is to load data from 32 tables from a DB on one box over a 100 mps network to another db2 database on another machine. Both have sun 3300 arrays with 6 disks. Right now the method is a select * from one db to a insert into over another. It's taking 30 minutes to get 1 gig of data over. cpu/mem/disk io are fine. Is there a way to better utilize
    the machines to do this faster? Would several tables at once be better than one?

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    Use either db2move w/ import/load options - and copy those files to target box.

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    Here's one option we often use in Oracle (haven't had a need to use it in DB2 yet). I am assuming these are UNIX machines !

    1. Catalog the target DB on the source DB instance.

    2. Create a pipe file on the source machine mknod -p <table-1>

    3. Use import/load to load data into the target db as follows -
    db2 "load client from <table-1> of del ......"
    db2 "import from <table-1> of del ...."
    This will initiate the load/import process,
    but it will hang for data to be pushed into the pipe.

    4. db2 "export to table-1> of <del> ......
    This will start the export, and it will also put in motion the load/import
    of data into the target table.

    5. Repeat the above process for ALL the tables.

    I would suggest scripting the above - so you do not have to "baby-sit" the process.

    Good luck.

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    The the best way is to load data over network is to export data in del format and gzip, ftp and load data in del format. This is useful to move the data from one server to another.

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