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    Unanswered: Instance port changing

    DB2 8.2 Win2003 Server.

    Recently the ports used by instances have been changing without any direct action from DB2.

    I have 3 instances on a server using ports 50000, 50002, 50003 one day I get connection complaints from developers and when I look into it the instances have all switched ports

    Obviously cataloging the instances again fixed the problem. But it's happenned a few times now and I'd like to prevent it before we go live!

    Any ideas?

    Oh I've tried using service names instead of port numbers and adding the port to the services files, but that yeilded client connection problems too

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    did you change config of client ???

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    Somebody (or maybe the OS) must be changing
    your services file - otherwise a port listening freq
    doesnt just change by itself (in my experience)

    Sincerely Yours


    PS port to Unix and solve ALL your problems
    Kristian K. Hansen
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