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Thread: ADO or DAO???

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    Talking Unanswered: ADO or DAO???

    I have a general question only:
    about creating database of company's employees,
    which is better: using ado or dao? and why?
    many thanks

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    In my humble opinion, DAO and ADO are similar, but DAO is no longer going to be devloped by MS for the future, however it will still be supported.

    Personally I find DAO easier to use, as thats what I'm used to now. The next thing on the db radar has to be ADO, but everything I have built still works with the DAO code I have.

    At the end of the day, you have 2 simple questions to ask.

    1. Which are you more comfortable with using?
    2. Can you forsee the db ever needing to grow functionally more rich?


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    Agree with Dave
    The choice of using DAO or ADO at present is up to you, both are supported, and as far as I'm aware the next release of Office can use both libraries. In the future who knows? As Dave points out DAO is no longer being developed (some may regard that as a bonus (if there are no more changes then there is less chance to introduce new errors)

    My personal guess is at some stage DAO wil be deprecated and ADO.NET will be the sole library. who knows Office 13..14 perhaps

    Stuff I work on depends on its current age in the lifecycle, new stuff is ADO, older stuff is DAO and depending on how significant the changes to exisitng apps it may be ported to ADO. New modules in DAO projects are written in ADO unless the customer explicilty demands DAO.

    I found the switch from DAO to ADO relatively straightforward, once the intial understanding pain was suffered.

    in effect yer pays yer money, yer takes yer choice.....

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