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    Unanswered: Tab Control issue

    Could someone help me please, I have created a reporting form, in which I have inserted a tab control; each tab will be used for different reports. This is where I have become stuck. When the reporting form opens it opens by default on the “CSC Daily Reports”, the user then sets the reporting date range, and issues the appropriate reports E.G Missing Model ID and so on, the idea is then to move on the next tab e.g. ILS. Unfortunately this part of the tab control does not seem to be active, you can set the report date ranges, but the function buttons to issue the reports do not work.

    The only way at present to get this part of the tab control to work is to close the database down, re launch- go directly to the ILS tab and run the reports, obviously this is not very practical for the end user/s

    How do I make each tab in the tab control become active as I move from one tab to the other?

    I have attached a screen shot to try and make this a bit clearer

    Thanks for your help

    Please ignor the ghastly form colours, they have been requested, not my choice
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