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    I have used Paradox in early '90s and then abandoned the work for awhile. Now I have need of updating old membership DB I created probably in version 4. I now have version 12. I would like to run the tutorial, but ashamed to admit I cannot figure out how. The files seem to be installed. Apparently it runs as a help file but I can't get past opening windows of each chapter to participate. I have a huge instruction book based on Version 5 but there are lots of new terms I don't understand

    I printed out my original file/table structure and two columns were inserted labeled "default" & "picture". Have no idea about that. The table displays normally with fields filled in as I orginally constructed it.

    Is there a newer instruction manual that could get me started again faster??? I do well with a book in lap to follow instructions!!!!

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    The latest book I am aware of is Prestwood's Power Programming in Paradox, and it is for version 9. Most of it is relevant to version 12, as little has changed since then. Version 12 is version 10 repackaged. You can visit Prestwood's website for tutorials from his book.

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