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    Unanswered: Another Character Set problem: Paradox > MS Access - german characters

    We use an externally developped Paradox-Based Application and want to export data into MS Access. When linking a paradox table in an MS Access DB, the german characters are replaced by "nonsense" characters. We have searched numerous forums, microsoft etc. No clue which settings need to be changed to make these two applications really compatible. Details: MS Access from Office Professional 2003 English, XP Proff. SP2 English. BDE is using language driver Paradox Ansi Intl, in the BDE Setup we have changed the ODBC for MS Access also to this language, but we are not sure if MS Access is really using ODBC when linking .db-tables? I guess it would help if we would know with which language driver the .db-tables were created originally, but how do we find out, can this be read through some db-viewer?
    Any suggestion is appreciated, thanks in advance.

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    Are you using the MS Pdox ODBC driver or the Borland Pdox ODBC driver?
    The only failure is not trying to do it.

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    The other issue is that

    it doesn't matter which language access pulls the data out with as much as which language it stores and displays the data with. Microsoft does not use the UTF8 character set by default and that may need to be changed. Or something similar. If it displays properly in Paradox then the base language settings of Access need to be modified and not the ODBC character set. It could be moving them properly but displaying them improperly.


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