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    Unanswered: Page Size Determination

    Hi All,
    I need to determine the page size to be used for a database under AIX5.2 using DB2 UDB V8.2. Can you please let me know the procedure to do the same.

    I've the physical model of the database that needs to be created with me as an input.

    Any help is appreciated.
    Thanks, Vij.

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    First, the page size must be large enough for the largest row possible (consider max varchar sizes). You may need different page sizes for the database.

    In general, in a pure OLTP environment with relatively small to medium size rows (normalized) that are almost always accessed via an index (unless the table is very small), the page size should be 4K.

    If you have a pure Data Warehouse environment, and SQL statements do a lot of table scans to access the data, the page size should usually be 32K.
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