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    Question Unanswered: How To List (display) record numbers

    I create a query that list results and I want to create a report to display the list of results. I use report wizard, but I don't get a line or record number along with my query results. The list from the query is long so I want to reference a particular record with a record or line number without having to manually count from the beginning down to the record. Anyway to include the line or record number?

    Thanks a bunch

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    1. While you create a report, you would have find 'Count Rec' check mark. You need to set it to true. It would add extra column to your query/report giving you serial number.

    2. Another way to do this is (litte lenghy)

    Open your report in Design veiew and place a unbound textbox on the report.

    Than right click on the text box and goto its property. Type Count-28 in the control source of Data tab. ( You may need increase / decrease the number from 28 to the size of page which could give your proper result)

    Then in the Running Sum (Data tab) you need to choose 'Over Group' or 'Over All' depends upon your requirement.

    Save report and then run it.

    You may find something like following serial number in the text box you place on the repot.

    It means you need change the figure 28 and play.

    After a certian efforts you will find the series in right manner.

    Hope this help

    With kind regards,

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    I appreciate your assistance. I am not following you on option 1. Where would I actually enter Count Rec and enter the check mark? Are you saying create a third column in my query with an expression?

    Again thanks

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