I've set up a cube with SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services. That part works perfectly and has the exact data that I need. Now, I want to be able to do simple MDX queries against this and dump the results to a web page. I'm looking for ease of development over features at this point.

I've downloaded the "XML for Analysis 1.1" and "ADOMD.NET 8.0" SDKs and they are... (searching for the right words) unfinished, pre-beta quality, and I suspect they are obsolete and abandoned.

The "ADOMD.NET 8.0" sample project needed to be upgraded to run with Visual Studio 2003 (very strange for a download released on 5/4/2005) and then needed significant work to run correctly. It kept insisting that I install .NET framework 1.0 when I only have .NET 1.1. After getting passed that, I still get "An error was received from the provider while connecting: ". When looking in the debugger, I see the ADOMD.NET API throws a AdomdErrorResponseException with a blank message.

The XMLA 1.1 WSDL file doesn't work correctly with Visual Studio's 2003 "Add Web Reference".

I have read dozens of articles, whitepapers, and websites on this topic. I have found *lots* of theoretical commentary but a dearth of actual working sample code.

Unfortunately, SQL Server 2005 isn't an option for me. I'd love to try it but business reasons prohibit that.

Has anyone had any kind of success at this? Does anyone know which SDKs to use and which to avoid? I've spent many hours on this and am really lookign to get something running.