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    Unanswered: How to Block / Hardening of "Unused Ports" in OracleAS-10gAS

    Hi All,
    I have installed Oracle 10gAS PatchSet-2 and Windows-2000 SP-4 OS. The Both instances (INFRA & Mid-Tier) are installed on same box. My AS is working fine and all components are working great.
    I can find-out the ports being used/configured by 10gAS of this installation. Rest all other Ports are open as such on this OS and are not being used. So basically i want to "Block all those Unused Ports of this 10gAS installation"
    1. Is it Possible..? If Yes! how to start about this.
    2. Does Oracle Provide a Documentation on this or the details of this is included anywhere in any of the Docs.?

    This has been pointed out by one of our Corporate Auditors who has audited our entire IT Infrastructure setup and given us that comment. Can anybody would help me in this regard or suggest me tips / docs. which could be useful to me. Looking for ur help.

    Kamesh Rastogi
    - KR

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    >i want to "Block all those Unused Ports of this 10gAS installation"
    This is an Operating System problem NOT an Oracle problem.
    One "simple" solution is to place a FireWall system between the 10gAS system & all users.
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