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    Unanswered: Corrupt indexes


    I have a table that keeps getting corrupt all the time. If I do a dbcc checktable, it says the primary key is corrupt. I can fix this by dropping the PK and creating it again, then the table is fine for a while. Problem is, this keeps happening every week! It's quite a big table (15.8 mil records), so this is timeconsuming to drop and recreate PK...

    When trying to query the table, it returns the following error:
    Attempt to fetch logical page (1:680898) in database 'dbCustomer' belongs to object 'tblPlayer', not to object 'tblTransactions'.
    tblTransactions is the table that gets currupt.
    The logical page number is different every time as well, so it's not the page it self causing the problem.

    The table is updated via transactional replication. The source is in Cape Town, South Africa and the destination in Canada, North America. We do have many other tables being replicated in this manner for many years, but none have given this problem before.

    Does anyone have some advice as to what I need to look at maybe? I'm not really sure where to start looking for the cause of the problem.


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    You don't mention specifics, so let's start there. What operating system? What database engine (SQL Server, Oracle,etc.)? What version. What service pack? What type of data storage system, version, patches? If this is Windows, have you looked at the system event logs? If this is SQL Server, have you looked at the error logs? have you checked Microsoft KnowledgeBase for any errors that you found?

    Even without all that, in my experience this type of problem is usually associated with hardware, usually the disk or controller or cache. Note the word ** usually **. Your circumstances may vary. You need more information. Right now your question is to ambiguous to answer.

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