Have a customer name, need to find the orders he placed, and the line items of the orders? You need to enter 3 queries:

select * from customer where customer_name = ...
select * from order where customer_id = ...
select * from line_items where order_id = ...

Need to know more information about order related objects, have to enter more queries...

With SQL Edge, you only need to enter one query, and leave the rest to the tool.

An elegant query tool to visualize data relationship, please visit our website for detail:


Yes. It's only $19.99. It has

(1) SQL editor allows you to edit and execute SQL queries against any JDBC compatible databases.
(2) schema view displays table schema information, including column definitions, indexes, primary key and foreign keys.
(3) two relationship views display any level of master-detail relationships.
(4) data grids allow users insert, edit, and delete table records.

You can try it free for 30-days.