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    Unanswered: yes/no field equals another value

    On form:We have four combo boxes. They currently have dropdowns for verbal, written, etc.

    Can I just have each one be a yes/no field but then print out on the report the corresponding name?
    Label says written warning has been given? combo box has yes or no.
    On shows 'written'.

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    In a word - No. The problem is that you want to store yes or no in the table but you want to return the column name meaning on the report.

    You could use an IF statement on the report field to get around this. i.e if the column is called WRITTEN on the report use a custom formula:

    =iif([WRITTEN]=true,"Written"," - ")

    I'd do one of these for each of the yes no fields.

    Another way to address this, a lot of people would use (including me), would be by using codes to store against (in a text column) instead of yes/no columns. These can then be commonly looked up from a single descriptions table later.

    Hope this helps

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