JOBata Architect

LOCATION: Baltimore (suburban)

LENGTH: 9 months

Details: Data Architect needed to lead an effort with our client to create a meta data library, where all data warehousing meta data and reference data can be indexed, referenced, and defined. Need to establish which systems house the Gold Standard for each type of reference data (customer, employee, product, etc.) Would like to use leading tools to catalog and manage meta data. Tools might include Informatica Super Glue. Other similar tools might include:

Logic Library
Busienss Objects
Enosys Software

Consultant should be able to help answer these types of questions:
1. How can we manage our Metadata
2. Are there better tools than excel, access, or managing the metadata within specific products like Informatica Superglue, CA, Logic Library etc.
3. What areas of metadata are companies managing like business or technical?
4. Where are companies putting metadata if not in a software product like mentioned above?
If interested,qualified and available, please send your resume with rate information to

Adept Business Solutions Inc.
(720) 227 9479
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