I am running MySQL 4.1.12a on a Win2k Server machine.

I keep getting the 10060 error when trying to remotely log in with a user
'nick' I have set up. I can log in locally on this machine specifying 'localhost' using both 'root' and 'nick'.

This server is located on another network behind a firewall. Access to port
3306 has been granted and upon checking the firewall logs, the packets are
being allowed through. I have also installed port monitor and packet
sniffing software on the server and it shows port 3306 as listening and
whilst trying to connect I can see that the packets are coming in on port
3306 from my source IP on the packet sniff.

If I try and use the mysql -u nick -h xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -p command on my
machine then I get asked for the password, then about 20 seconds later it
says: ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can't connect to MySQL server on 'xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx' (10060).

I've tried Telnet xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx 3306 and it just fails saying: Connecting
To xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx...Could not open a connection to host on port 3306 :
Connect failed.

Using MySQLAdministrator returns the same 10060 error as the command line above.

I have checked the mysql.user table and the host,user entries are %,nick and
localhost,root, so I should be able to login from any IP for the user 'nick'
but only that machine for root. I checked skip-networking is not in my.ini.

Is there anything I'm missing, it looks like the connection is definitely
being made to the MySQL server on the port, but MySQL is just ignoring any
requests from the outside world. It's driving me bananas.