I am trying to use the ServiceConfig in .net to run a piece of code in my app that accesses 2 databases. One is a DB2 on Z/OS and the other is a remote SQL Server. I was trying to test a sample code executing it under MSDTC and I get this error SQL998N with reason code 16 and subcode 2-8004D026.
As per IBM's manual, this is becos the MSDTC could not register the db2 connection and the subcode is microsoft error. Do you have any idea what the 8004D026 error code means? I am using IBM's native maned provider for .Net that comes with DB2 Connect 8.2
I am able to find info on 8004D00a in the microsoft ole db provider errors, but not 8004D026. (I guess the .Net provider for DB2 from IBM uses oledb behind the scenes).

Any ideas? as why the MSDTC doesnt enlist the db2 connection?