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    Cool Unanswered: Avg Row Length - Before table creation

    From the physical model of a DB2 UDB database is it possible to determine the page size that can be used for a particular table?
    Because after the table is created I can check the average row length from AVGCOLLEN of SYSSTAT.COLUMNS.

    At present the problem which I'm facing is After generating the DDL from physical data model some table fails to get created in my database as it needs 8K or 16K pagesize. So how can I determine the avg row length before table creation process itself.
    Any help appreciate.


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    I do not think that when you are creating a new table that "average row length" has anything to do with what page size is needed. It is determined by maximum row length. Just add up all the lengths of all the columns in your definition and that should help you to determine what page size to use.


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    Also note that the maximum usable space in a 4K page for row data is about 4000 bytes, and not 4096.
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