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    Unanswered: Error: 13 Type mismatch

    I have a ms access where the user enters some info on forms and then click opens Ms word doc where the info is shown.
    However, it opens the ms word but it also give message "13 Type mismatch"
    I don't know what it means or where it is coming form. I would like to get rid of the message but I can't find it in code.
    Thanks in advance

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    You won't find that specific message in your code; it's being generated by Access. Put a breakpoint in the code that generates the error, and step through it as it executes. That should locate the offending code.

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    Well, that what i don't understand as why it works fine, I mean this error msg should stop the access and pin point the offending code. But it doesn't do that.

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    well guys,
    i m also getting the same error in some worksheets and for some worksheetsa same code works fine.

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    Yeah, in my powerpoint documents, I sometimes get error 13 too.

    Actually, I think I remember getting errors in the code when I was programming BASIC on my Commodore Vic 20 too.

    Wasn't that just SOOOOOOOO worth reading?!
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